Private Apartment Block, 2007, Nicosia

Project Tessera in the area of Dhasoupolis, is a four block apartment building located within the borders of a commercial area surrounded by a variety of small shopping centres.
The building is divided into two sectors connected by a wooden bridge member and supported by a solid steel plate in the lower level.
The project feels like one of an industrial object interconnected within the conceptual “thread - line” of the urban commercial topography of the area.
The first sector of the building where the bedrooms are located is designed so as to screen external noise. A horizontal cut throughout the external walls on both sides, provides specific light into the rooms. The second sector provides for living, dining rooms, extending into covered verandas, interconnecting ( internal and external) into one space, allowing for air, light and views towards the surrounding areas.
The wooden bridge member unifying the two provides for circulation and kitchen areas. Openings at both sides of this member provide specific views into the surrounded areas and beyond.

  • Tessera
  • Tessera